Did People from Lombok Become the Target for Shot?


Since a rumor of elopement involving a Malaysian woman and a man from Lombok arose, negative sentiments of both the society and the government of Malaysia had got stronger. Such negative sentiments were strong enough to allow violence take place to the Indonesian Migrant Workers from Lombok.

The case of three TKIs from East Lombok (Lombok Timur (Lotim)) who were suspected as the victims of stolen organs had not completed until May. On Monday (29/04/12), one more TKI from Lotim died. The TKI named Sapril a.k.a. Amaq Galang (34) entered Malaysia in early April. Based on the information gained from the police officer, Es Slim River, the poor Sapril addressed in Dusun Mandik, Gelanggang village, East Sakra district, died because of overwhelmed by the society when he planned to rob.

What made the case sound strange was similarity in term of patterns and motivation causing the death of Sapril and the previous three died TKIs from NTB.  For the case of the three died TKIs from NTB, the information given by the Malaysian police officers was the same, accused of robbery and opposing the police officer. These accusations per se became the basis for shooting them on their heads to death.

The same accusation (planned to rob) was also used as the part of Sapril’s death chronology. What made the case even stranger was that the information upon Sapril’s death received by his family was similar to the way informing the death of the previous three TKIs, which was not received from THE Embassy of Indonesia (KBRI) but it, instead, was informed directly by the police of Malaysia to the family. The police of Malaysia contacted the victims’ family by dialing the entire phone numbers listed in their cellular phones. (Roma Hidayat/dedy sutrisno/rasidibragi)

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  1. jika negara yang katanya berdaulat namun belum / tidak menunjukkan kewibawaanya di mata rakyatnya apakah mungkin penghormatan didapat dari pihak luar d/h malaysia?

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