Indonesian Migrant Worker Resources (IMRC) is a supporting service to raise the awareness of migrant worker issue through knowledge and information management. This initiative happens to facilitate migrant worker’s activists so that communication and exchange information may easily engaged between migrant workers itself, its family, societies, non governmental organizations also governmental institutions.

For the aforementioned reasons, Indonesian Migrant Worker Resources (IMRC) attempts to develop a number of web-based applications for exchange information, discussion room, knowledge codification, job management and economical empowerment. This initiative make it so the voice of migrant workers network affects on public policies which take sides on migrant workers, build in inter-regional solidarity and cooperation, as well as developing productive economic activities.

Indonesian Migrant Worker Resources (IMRC) was formed by Community Technology Center “Mahnettik” network which was initiated by Yayasan TIFA Jakarta, Perkumpulan Panca Karsa Nusa Tenggara Barat, Lembaga Kajian dan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Nahdlatul Ulama (LAKPESDAM NU) Cilacap, I-Work Yogyakarta, Dian Mutiara Women Crisis Center (DM WCC) Malang, Pusat Pemberdayaan Sumberdaya Wanita (PPSW) Pasoendan, Perkumpulan Peduli Buruh Migran dan Perempuan Seruni Banyumas, and Infest Yogyakarta.

PTK Mahnettik network spread in numerous region, which are:

1. PTK Mahnettik Cirebon
2. PTK Mahnettik Sukabumi
3. PTK Mahnettik Cianjur
4. PTK Mahnettik Malang
5. PTK Mahnettik Blitar
6. PTK Mahnettik Kulonprogo
7. PTK Mahnettik Banyumas
8. PTK Mahnettik Cilacap
9. PTK Mahnettik West Lombok
10. PTK Mahnettik Central Lombok
11. PTK Mahnettik East Lombok
12. PTK Mahnettik Sumbawa
13. PTK Mahnettik East Flores

Editorial Office

Indonesian Migrant Worker Resources (IMRC)

Jl. Veteran Gg. Janur Kuning No. 11 A, Pandean, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta
DI. Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55161
Telp/Fax : +62 274 372378 E-mail: redaksi[at]

PTK Mahnettik’s distribution map in Indonesia

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