PPK Mataram Hosted Journalism Training for Migrant Workers


Yanti, pegiat PPK Mataram saat memfasilitasi pelatihan pewrtaan buruh migran di Lombok Barat
Yanti, activist of PPK Mataram facilitate the training

This event hosted as an effort to spread information related to migrant workers. According to Yanti (24), workshop facilitator, this workshop is also important in order to spread information related migrant workers in the region to elevate knowledge and resources of migrant workers.

Not only people in Central Lombok and Western Lombok which needs this information, but also people in Mataram city also need this information,” said Yanti.

Panca Karsa not only strengthens journalism basis also migrant workers empowerment in Western Lombok and Central Lombok, also in the Mataram region. There are many cases also success stories from migrant workers in Mataram which worth to share to be shared and learned by the society. Coordinator of Advocacy and Case Handling of Panca Karsa Mataram, Endang Susilowati (55), also affirms that there are as many as 50 cases which happen in Mataram every year.

According to situation in Mataram, I believe that this workshop is urgently need to be held in Mataram,” said Susilowati. This workshop hopefully may raise knowledge of migrant workers, in particular in terms of the using of information and technology as well to be more selective on choosing an accurate source of news and information.

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