The Government of NTB and BP3TKI in Mataram Have Formed a Team to Investigate TKIs’ Death


MATARAM. The Government of West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) have formed an Integrated Team to investigate the death of three Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) in Malaysia last 24 March. The team generally comprises of the Regional Office of Manpower and Transmigration of NTB Province (Dinas Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi NTB), General Hospital of NTB Province, along with Service Center on the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (Balai Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (BP3TKI)) in Mataram

The Local Government Area (Pemda) of the NTB Province along with BP3TKI in Mataram have been ready to investigate the death case of three Indonesian Migrant Workers from East Lombok in Malaysia. This statement was delivered by the Head of BP3TKI in Mataram, Syahrum, to the journalists at the Governor Office this morning. Such statement was based on the instruction of the Head of National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesia Overseas Workers (Badan Nasional Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (BNP2TKI)), Moh Jumhur Hidayat, which can be implemented in the form of financial assistance as a commitment of BP3TKI to investigate the case till the end.

Before hand, emphasized Syahrum, his party, have corresponded with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Kuala Lumpur, to examine the chronology of the three TKI’s death from East Lombok. In short, they remain waiting for the respons of the representatives for Indonesian Government in Malaysia.

At the same place, the Head of the Regional Office of Manpower and Transmigration of NTB Province, Mukhlis, delineated that the team would support the family to perform an autopsy. Even if at this moment the family has not reported the case comprehensively to the Local Police (Polda) of NTB Province. His party will accompany the family of the victims when they make a report to the Local Police of NTB Province. Besides, said Mukhlis, the cost to send the bodies yesterday as much as Rp.12 billion, will be replaced by the integrated team. Including, the administration of the incoming autopsy processes.

The tree died TKIs from East Lombok are Mad Noor, a resdent of  Dusun Gubuk Timuk, Pengadangan village, Pringgesela, and Herman along with Abdul Kadir Jaelani, residents of Pancor Kopang, South Pringgasela, East Lombok. Three of them were stated dead at a hospital in West Malaysia due to multiple shot in 24 March 2012. The three bodies arrived at the International Airport of Lombok, on last Thursday, 5 April, to be buried in their own villages.

Then, it is known that they have worked in Malaysia since 2005. Their last departure used tourist passports. Recently, it is found that there are some seams around the chest and stomach of their bodies. Therefore, it is assumed that the tree died bodies have lost a number of their organs, such as eyes and others. (Rasidibragi)

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