Again, Six TKIs from NTB Were under the Death Sentence


Kekerasan TKI. Ilustrasi Matt Mahurin (CC)MATARAM, – News regarding to Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) who were native to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) seemed endless. Besides the news upon three TKIs of NTB shot to death that were also accused of the victims of human organ trade talked in mass media, now, there were other six TKIs sentenced to death. 6 TKIs of both males and females from NTB were sentenced to death in Malaysia, Middle Eastern, and China.

Of all six people, among of them was Edy Saputra a.k.a. Supriadi from Kertasari village, Simpang Klanir, Seteluk district, West Sumbawa Regency. Edy was sentenced to death because of the case upon Chai Joon Bui’s killing, a resident of Kuching, Malaysia (29/07/06). As explained by Endang Susilowati, The Advocating Coordinator for Panca Karsa Association, Mataram, NTB (7/05/12).

According to Endang, another TKI sentenced to death was Sukardin Said, from Sondasia village, Bolo district, Bima regency. He was accused of killing in September 2010 because of going berserk in the Setuan Mukah field causing the death of Edirman and other three-injured Indonesians; they are Firmansyah, Yesni, and Zaenab.

“At this moment, for the two TKIs, we are trying to bring their family to Malaysia. For Edy’s case, until now there has been no information yet from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI)) in Kuching since Panca Karsa‘s visit last 2008. Whereas for Sukardin Said’s case, a medical certificate will be asked from the Mental Health Hospital of Mataram in line with his two relatives’ medical history, Nurjanah and Muhidin, who also encounter mental disorder. According to Endang, this was selected based on the experience of handling the case of Edy bin Asnawi who had been free from the death punishment in Malaysia several years ago.” Endang, the activist of Panca Karsa Association, said.

Furthermore, Endang explained, the other four TKWs (female migrant workers) working in Middle Eastern and other countries were Muslihatun binti Nur from Dusun (a village which is far from urban areas) Gelumbang, Suralaga village, Suralaga district, East Lombok regency. Muslihatun left for Saudi Arabia in January 2008, but recently the family received information informing that she was arrested when she would leave for Indonesia along with other TKWs, because of the accusation of killing the 3 year old child of her master. Sumartini binti Manaungi (33), from Kukin village, North Moyo district, Sumbawa regency. Now, she has been arrested in Malaaz jail of Saudi Arabia, she was accused of using sihir (black magic) to kill her master’s child, Tisam, 17 years old.

The following TKI was Alya Adreani (29), from Gubuk Lantan, Pelambik village, Praya Barat district, Central Lombok. This TKW worked in Macau as a baby sitter and was sentenced to death by the High Court of Guangdong Province, China, because of storing 975 gram heroine in her bag. Alya was arrested in 3 July 2010 at the Shekou custom inspection office, Shenzen City.

“For Alya’s case, there is no more effort to help because she has started encountering the execution with 2 year-delay. If in two years she can behave well, the death punishment will be changed into life sentence. But if she can’t, Alya will encounter the execution of death penalty,” stated Endang.

The latest TKI whose her case was being handled by the Panca Karsa Association was Fitra Yanti (25), from Brang Bara sub district, Sumbawa district, Sumbawa regency. Sent by PJTKI in 5 June 2011, she had just been four months in Jeddah. Then, in November 2011 it was informed that she killed her master’s child named Yasir (4), who sank in the pool of her master’s house.

The existence of those cases above made Panca Karsa keep trying to facilitate the coordination to handle the case between the family and the government as the most responsible party for the protection  upon their society abroad. (Rasidi)

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