Suspecting the Condition of 3 TKI Remains, NTB DPRD Asks for Autopsy


Kekerasan TKI. Ilustrasi Matt Mahurin (CC)

LOMBOK – Three Indonesian Migrant Workers (BMI) from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) were reported shot dead in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia (24/03/2012), however, the conditions of the three bodies were suspicious. Due to the suspicion, Commission III of NTB Regional House of Representative (DPRD) urges for autopsy to be performed on the remains of construction workers TKI.

“The authority must perform autopsy on the remains, so the cause of death is clear. It is said that they were shot dead, but the eyeballs are gone and there is a suspicion that the internal organs are gone so they are stitched vertically,” said the Head of Commission IV of DPRD NTB, H Patompo Adnan, after coordination meeting the the officials of Labor and Transmigration Agency (Disnakertrans) NTB, in Mataram, Friday (20/4).

Officials of NTB Disnakertrans were called by Commision III of NTB DPRD to explain the case of the three Indonesian Migrant Workers. The victims are Matnur, resident of Pengadangan Village, Pringgasela Sub-district, Abdul Kadir Jaelani, and Herman citizens of Dusun Pancor Kopong, Southern Pringgasela Village. The three victims were related, they were uncle and nephews.

The relatives of the dead TKIs suspected a practice of sale of human organ, due to stitches on the eyes, chest, and stomach. It is suspected that the victims’ eyes and internal organs are stolen. The suspicion refers to Herman’s statement, a family member who directly saw the conditions of the bodies before they were shrouded and put into boxes in Port Dickson Hospital, Malaysia. After that, the bodies were flown to Indonesia.

Herman was the representative of the family of the three TKI, told the oddity to the officials. Moreover, the official letter from Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Malaysia signed by Secretary Two Counselor Heru Budiarso, mentions that KBRI isn’t responsible for the return of the remains of the TKI, because the condition made it impossible to investigate the cause of the deaths.

KBRI in Malaysia was only informed by Port Dickson Police Station, that there were three bodies of TKI from Eastern Lombok, NTB, who were killed by multiple gunshot wounds, and were going to be sent back to the hometown. The relatives of the dead TKI then asked for excavation of the graves for autopsy.

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