Independent Migrant Workers: An Opportunity


It’s been forever that Indonesian migrant workers abide to law which obligates them to work abroad through a broker, which is a private working placement company or “PPTKIS”. A migrant-to-be should follow every mechanism which ruled by their PPTKIS, including to participate on pre-departure trainings. The whole process before they work through PPTKIS cost migrants a lot, almost millions rupiahs. Migrants also suffered on pay cuts during few months of their working period.

However, there is other way for our migrants to find a job, without using PPTKIS, which is as an independent worker which stipulated on BMI the Law Number 39 of 2004, Presidential Instruction Number 81 of 2006, and Regulation of Head of BNP2TKI concerning Procedur of “Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri”/Migrant Worker’s Identity Card (KTKLN) Service.

The difference of path of work between independent workers and through company agent lies on how a worker finds a job. Independent way demands more on worker’s role to find a job opportunity abroad while the government will only there to facilitate documents arrangement. The other difference is that independent migrants may only employed by a legal entity or a legal company.

On the matters of fee, independent way cost workers less than working through company agent as there will be no pay cuts on their salary. Independent way could also be more benefit for Indonesian workers as they may choose they desired job which suits their capability and skills.

Source: BNP2TKI

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  1. asmlkm bu fika saya sudah bulat ingin berangkat ke taiwan gimana caranya? dan tlg mohon di bantu dan gimana caranya untuk gabung di BMI

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