2,5 Years Trafficked in Saudi Arabia, Tartiah Received No Salary


Tartiah (28), Indonesian migrant worker from Gembongan village, Cirebon, was sold by her employer for 3200 riyal or approximately 7,5 million IDR. Not only being a victim of human trafficking, her 2,5 years working salary left unpaid.

Castra Aji Sarosa, Coordinator of Forum for Migrant Worker Society Cirebon elucidate that this poor woman being a victim of human trafficking by her employer. Tartiah had been work to her employer, Mansyur Saad, as a housemaid in Jeddah since September 29th 2006. Her immigration and any other important documents were taken away from her by her employer, therefore she could do anything nor to runaway from that house.

“She didn’t dare to report the situation to the authority nor to runaway, because her employer hold all of her important documents. She was also never receive any of her salary”, Castra said.

Castra add, her employer was promised to pay her 2 years salary at once when the contract finished, but he didn’t keep his words. Tartiah once received that salary, but her employer, Mansyur Saad, took it back from her. Her employer said that what he did was for the sake of her safety. He promised to transferred her salary to Indonesia, but he never did that so.

Since Tartiah daunted to ask and fight back, she is taken for benefit for another crime. Tartiah was sold to another employer and all she can do is nothing, since her documents are seized.

Fortunately, her new employer, Ahmad family, took care of her very well. Her work for 2,5 years are being fully paid. Even though that her latest employer treated her appropriately, she was still being a victim of human trafficking.  Foremost, in the end she couldn’t receive her previous salary for 2,5 years work.

Tartiah is currently returned home in Indonesia. Tartiah reported what she experienced to Forum for Migrant Worker Society Cirebon. Tartiah also demands for support to claim her salary of 2,5 years work from her first employer.

“We are currently handling on this case and contact her company agent to be responsible on human trafficking case which suffered by Tartiah”, Castra conclude.

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