Difficulties to Search for Information in bnp2tki.go.id Site


National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers (Badan Nasional Penempatan & Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (BNP2TKI)) is a state agency which specifically deals with migrant workers or which often be called as Indonesian Migrant Workers (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI)). In the vision and mission of BNP2TKI, it is said that the task of BNP2TKI is to create opportunities to find job as many as possible and, of course, to improve protection and security of migrant workers. The other important tasks which must not be forgotten by BNP2TKI are to give information as complete as possible to society and the one doing migration, especially. The most accessible and cheap media used to deliver the information is portal. In this case, BNP2TKI has owned an agency portal http://bnp2tki.go.id.

One of the crucial information for the migrant worker candidates is the one related to job vacancies which are available abroad and the procedure on how to be a migrant worker. Al this time, there are many migrant worker candidates complaining that to look for complete and systematic information upon working procedures in the portal of BNP2TKI is difficult. For example, look at the information regarding to the working procedures in Korea through the program of Government to Government (G to G). The information is incomplete and disorganized, even it is illegible. They looking for the information that are impatient must be easily got hopeless if they look for the information through the portal.

The other significant information are related to the procedures on migrant worker protection. In the portal of BNP2TKI, it tends to deliver internal news of the institution and information about placement to different countries than information about the procedures of protection, guidance, and security of migrant workers. BNP2TKI’s portal merely shows migration guidance matters under the page and the address of call center contact of “Halo TKI.”

The Use of Abbreviation

Besides the problems regarding to working opportunities and protection procedures in portal, another problem making the readers wonder is the use of abbreviations. This use of abbreviations is not completed with any explanation or what they stand for. For example, in the page of working procedures to Korea, there are many technical abbreviations in which not all the readers will understand them. For instance; the word “EPS-KLT” there is no explanation that it stands for Employment Permit System-Korean Language Test. As a public agency, BNP2TKI should reorder and renew information that it should deliver to society. Not only that, BNP2TKI must also deliver legible information to the society. (F:)

5 responses to “Difficulties to Search for Information in bnp2tki.go.id Site

  1. situs cmn buat koar 2….ga ada berita yg membantu….apalagi lowongan kerja……BASIIIIII…bubar aja deh….

    1. Kalau bubar yaa jangan, jadi lebih enak dong pemerintah, bisa lepas tanggungjawab untuk menyampaikan informasi pada publik. Hal yang harus dilakukan adalah mendesak mereka untuk lebih baik dalam menyampaikan informasi.

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