Pre-Public Hearing of Draft of Protection of Cilacap Migrant Workers


Cilacap – Regional House of Representative (DPRD) of Cilacap Regency held a pre-pubic hearing regarding the making of draft of protection of Cilacap migrant workers next Wednesday, April 11th 2012 in the plenary meeting room of Cilacap DPRD.

Libanun Muzayyin, head of local Legislative body said that the draft for the protection of migrant workers is a priority of Local Legislative Body (Balegda) in the year of 2012.

“Tomorrow is the first process of organizing the draft. Proverbially speaking, we are still carrying an empty paper to fill in by related parties whether the academics, executives, NGOs, PPTKIS or the society,” said Banun.

“Cilacap migrant workers are a reality in Cilacap society. There are things that should be regulated better regarding protection and employment. Later, we will see what needs to be discussed and regulated in the locatl regulation we are going to make,” he continued.

Head of Lakpesdam NU Cilacap, Khazam Bisri, welcome the initiative of DPRD of Cilacap Regency to hold the pre-public hearing.

“We have pushed for a local legislation in Cilacap for a long time, whether by formally inviting DPRD or by informal personal communication with members of DPRD. As an institution which cares for Cilacap migrant workers, we welcome this event,” explained Hazam.

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  1. Maju terus pegiat BMI di Cilacap. TKI selayaknya mendapat perlindungan sejak dari Daerah hingga negara penempatan.

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