Riswo’s Body Return


Return of Riswo's BodyRiswo (41), a migrant worker from Dermaji village, Lumbir District, Banyumas Regency, died in Brunei Darussalam (24/04/2012). This TKI died due to a heart attack. Before he died, he had ever been taken to Raja Isteri Pangeran Anak Saleha Bandar Seri Begawan Hospital, by Tamiadi (42), his partner who also works in Brunei Darussalam as a helper of Zainal Daud Sdn Bhd.

Tamia that helped and preceded his corpse asked for Indonesian Embassy’ helps as the representatives of the Government of Indonesia in Brunei Darussalam. Then, Tamia told the news to his family in Dermaji village, Lumbir District, Banyumas Regency. The family then made a report to Bayu Setyo Nugroho as the headman of Dermaji village. Through internet, he continued the report to the board of Centre for Migrant Worker Resource (Pusat Sumber Daya Buruh Migran (PSD-BM)).

“In any TKI cases, Local Government involvement is badly needed, in order to share information with the party helping the case process in Jakarta, so that the information will always be up to date and the process results will be known” said a volunteer handling the case of Riswo in Jakarta.

Volunteers in Jakarta along with the staffs of BNP2TKI coordinate each other regarding to the process of the body return. Then, the TKI volunteers of Mekarwangi links approach cargo station of Soekarno Hatta airport for the pick-up process. At 11.30 a.m., the Royal Brunei airplane taking  the coffin arrived in Jakarta. At 01.30 exactly, the corpse had been sent out of the cargo station. Then, the letters of body journey (Surat Perjalanan Jenazah (SPJ)) are managed by the volunteers immediately and the return of the body is protected directly by two volunteers from Jakarta to Banyumas, Central Java.

The roles of the officers in village in facilitating the handling process of BMI cases encountered by their society must be improved continuously. Using social networking, Bayu Setyo Nugroho, the hadman of Dermaji village can coordinate quickly with different parties regarding to the process of Riswo’s body return from Brunei Darussalam.

While regarding to the limited information upon the procedures of TKI’body return, state agencies such as BNP2TKI are to be more open in informing the procedures to return the body which are needed by the officers in villages to answer any reports from their society regarding to TKI’body return.

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