Seruni Assist Family of Migrant Worker from Banyumas Who Died in Taiwan


On Wednesday (06/06/2011), a female migrant worker from Karangsari village, subdistrict Kembaran, Banyumas died in Taiwan. Sri Nuryati reported died after she got fever on her very first day of working. She was taken to the hospital but doctor couldn’t save her live and she passed away.

SERUNI Banyumas, a woman kids and migrants worker activists society, along with Sri’s family with the assistance of Headman of Karangsari village already gathered any information which may be needed in order to return her body back to Indonesia.

Narsidah, Secretary of Seruni Banyumas, also has spread this information through social media, however after 42 days awaits, there was no follow up news with regard to the returns of Sri Nuryati’s body.

“Her body is currently under returning process,” said a representative of company agent which sent Sri Nuryanti work abroad, PPTKIS Phinisi Sumber Daya which addressed in Jl. Raya Semarang Genuk, KM 7, No. 54 B, Semarang. There are no exact confirmation on when will her body will be return back to Indonesia.

Until this article being released, Seruni Banyumas along with village authority are put its best attempts on the returning Sri Nuryanti body to Indonesia.

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