Asking for Help to Consulate General in Dubai, Told to Run Away Instead


Hafidzin was very furious when he explained his effort to get her wife home from Oman. Sunday (11/03/12), Ajizah (28) his wife, resident of Kiajaran, Indramayu, West Java who worked in Oman got an unpleasant treatment by her employer, leading to sexual harassment. Knowing this, Hafidzin immediately tried to contact authority for held, especially Indonesian government representative in Oman and Abu Dhabi.

Ajizah was originally listed as TKW who worked in Abu Dhabi, but after her employer in Abu Dhabi didn’t require her service anymore, she was unilaterally transferred by her agent to Oman. This transfer infuriated Haidzin, because this was done without his permission as her husband. Hafidzin’s anger grew when Ajizah said that she received unpleasant treatment from her employer in Oman.

To anticipate worse things, Saturday (17/3) Hafidzin contacted Consulate General (KJRI) in Dubai where Ajizah first worked. But because Oman isn’t a part of Dubai, KJRI staff in Dubai gave the number of Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) Staff in Abu Dhabi, named Haryo. When contacted on Sunday 918/3), Haryo have Darusman’s number to help Ajizah. But Haryo advised his wife to run away first from the employer before calling Darusman. The strange advice from the Embassy staff was rejected by Hafidzin.

“How could he tell her to run away when I asked for help? If she runs away, she won’t have her passport or other identification because they’re kept by the employer. That will endanger my wife,” said Hafidzin.

Hafidzin’s effort still continues because Darusman who worked as a staff in KBRI in Oman never answers this call.

“Mr. Darusman never picks up the phone. I have texted him that I have something important to talk about. But he still doesn’t pick it up. I want my wife to be sent home, rather than experiencing something worse,” explained Hafidzin.

3 komentar untuk “Asking for Help to Consulate General in Dubai, Told to Run Away Instead

  1. apakan Deplu tidak punya SOP untuk menangani kasus seperti ini sampai-sampai WNI yang meminta pertolongan malah diminta kabur seperti ini??

  2. Disinilah kesulitannya ketika pihak keluarga mengharapkan bantuan untuk kepulangan sang istri tidak adanya ketransparan,bahkan tidak ada yang membantu malah mempersulit yang ada .

  3. seperti saya saat bekerja di Dubai tepatnya 12 tahun lalu, secara sepihak agency Dubai memindahkan saya ke oman tanpa meminta ijin atau mengonfirmasi terlebih dahulu kepada saya.

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