Syria Conflict, TKW from Central Lombok Ask to be Returned Home


Lombok-  Female Migrant Workers (TKW) from Central Lombok and NTB felt threatened by the endless bloody conflict in Damaskus, Syria. Indonesian Migrant Workers who still remain in KBRI and the homes of their employers ask local government to pressure President of RI, Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) to immediately send them home.

“We are resigned, we can only pray to God to make the government send us home. We hope God would make the president save our threatened lives,” said Misnah binti Ali Murna, one of Female Migrant Workers (TKW) from Central Lombok through text message yesterday.

Misnah is a TKW from Batunyala, Central Lombok who has worked in Suriah since March of last year (2011) and until yesterday, she still remained in her employer’s house despite the war.

Accoridng to one of her relatives, H. Sumardi Maizin, Misnah really hopes to return to Indonesia. The endless bloody conflict in Syria makes her and a number of TKW from Lombok – NTB and other areas in Indonesa feel threatened.

Unfortunately, so far there is no definite effort from local government or central government to send home the TKIs in Suriah. The last TKIs returned home were 20 people (28/02/12), while in Suriah there are thousands of TKIs who can’t return to Indonesia. In fact, some who are already in KBRI can’t be sent home.

“We beg the Governor to help send our sister home, they could get killed any time,” said Sumadi, a teacher who now lives in Ijobalit Village, Labuhan Haji, Eastern Lombok. He said he had tried to ask for help to send home Misnah and her friends in Syiria.

He has gone to Labor and Transmigration Agency (Disnakertrans) in NTB a few times and even to BP3TKI, but so far there is no response.

Misnah went to Suriah through a PPTKIS in Jakarta with 2 friends in March last year. She worked in her employer’s house, named Ali Ahmad Al Masri, in Damaskus which is the center of the bloody conflict. (Rasidibragi)

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  1. semoga kawan-kawan BMI yang di Suriah selalu dilindungi Allah SWT. amiin
    ada brapa orang dari daerah lombok yang sekarang di Suriah?

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