Due to the Political Conflicts in Syria, Oon Lost Contact


BANYUMAS. Since March 2011, the political situation in Syria has got hotter. Massive demonstration demanding that the President of Syria, Bashar Al Ashad, give up keeps taking place. Until now, the condition of that country remains turbulent. The United Nations (UN) as reported by AFP and informed by, told that 5.400 people died.

Such unpredictable conditions made Fathurrohman, a resident of Mekarsari RT 02/02, Cimerak, Ciamis, West Java, contacted SERUNI. Fathurrohman’s intention to call SERUNI is that to report that her wife working in Syria has lost contact for this one month.

“The last information when she was reachable, she would join her master move to Saudi Arabia because of the less secured condition of the country,” said Fathurroman to SusWoyo from SERUNI, through hand phone.

Fathurroman’s wife, Oon, left for Syria in February 2009, through Reksatama Prasada Ltd. located on Basuki Rahmat Street, Jatinegara, East Jakarta. Since her departure until now, said her husband, the family has always felt worried. Because she works in a country with unpredictable situation.

“We, her family, do hope that Oon is secured and come home soon. Her contract terminates this month. We ask for a hand from SERUNI to trace the existence of my wife,” said Fathurroman hopefully. Fathurrohman got SERUNI’s phone number from his relatives in Jakarta. All this time, Fathurroman asked his relatives and his child living in Jakarta to contact Syria Embassy. But, there have not been any satisfying results generated. (Sus)

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