Dawini Found Died in Employer’s Wells


Dawini, a migrant worker from Pegangan Lor village, Kapetakan, Cirebon residence, West Java died tragically in Taiwan. Dawini’s body found by her sister, Nara, who also a migrant worker in Taiwan, in a well of her employer in Zhongxi LN, Guoxing Township,  Nantou Country 54447, Taiwan in the middle of November 2011.

Dawini was sent to Taiwan by a company agent named PT. Pandu Abdi Pertiwi (on December 2010 to work to an employer named Qiu Bi Lan. While Dawini working in Taiwan, she continually contact her sister, but since November 18 2011, Dawini couldn’t be reached. Nara starter to worry on her sister condition. Nara then visit Dawini’s employer at their house. Dawini’s employers said that Dawini had left for couple days and said that she is going to visit Nara in downtown.

Nara smelled something fishy on employer’s statement, then try to contact five migrant workers from Indonesia to look for Dawini at the house. Af ter three years of searching, they finally smell bad scent which came from the well. Nara was really shocked while she found Dawini’s dead body on the well

“We don’t know what caused her death. We have contact the nearest police and they immediately took Dawini’s body from the well. I can’t even say how tragic her condition was, her eyes are jumped out,” said Nara through sms text.

Nara and other workers is trying to contact Indonesian representative in Taiwan, their family in Indonesia and any party which could help them assisting this case in order to make them clear on the cause of Dawini’s death.

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