Admini: Went to Arab for Work, 9 Years Without Contact with Family


Admini binti Madmungi (32), a woman from Losari village, Lohcondong, Rawalo, Banyumas used to work as Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arab since June 2002. Her family have lost contact with Admini for more than 9 years.

“She previously worked in Abu Dhabi, and returned for a while to Indonesian and back to work in Saudi Arabia and have never return. Once, she wrote a letter, but that was the only one.” said Madmungi (65), Admini’s father to activist from Seruni Banyumas.

Madmungi said that Admini once engaged with a man named Wahyudi Panjul after she returned from Abu Dhabi. After her engagement, Admini registered to work to Arab Saudi and departed shortly afterwards. Since her departure to Arab, family kept hoping for her returns to continue her engagement with Wahyudi and get married. As Admini never got back home, her engagement got canceled and Admini’s family let Wahyudi marry other woman.

“Once she arrived, she wrote us a letter. She said that she worked in a big house and her overlord has many children. That was the only letter we received on December 2002,” said Madmungi.

Admini was sent to Arab by PT. Avida Aviaduta through a sponsor from Losari village named Muso Hendro who is currently living in Jakarta. According to Madmungi, who is earn a living by working as a farmer, Admini’s departure has no sentimental reason, she had no conflict with family and Wahyudi, her fiance.

Until now, PT. Avida Aviaduta as Admini’s placement company agent was never give any information and facilitate communication between Admini and her family. Seruni Banyumas, which is currently assist this case, put their best attempt on tracking Admini’s domicile and contacts. Seruni also keep communication and coordination on with Suparman, Case handling Staff on Indonesian Migrant Worker Resource Center, to report this case to BNP2TKI, Indonesian Board for Migrant Worker Placement.

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