Forum Kholifatunnisa, A Women Place to Share in Cisaat


Aside of being a place to share their experience, meeting of Forum Kholifatunnisa also being a place to share daily problems which faced by its members, housewives in neighborhood group and economic cooperation which Center for Development of Women Resources (Pusat Pengembangan Sumber Daya Wanita) or “PPSW” Pasoendan in Cisaat, Sukabumi residence.

Meeting of Forum Kholifatunnisa which held monthly hosted by PPSW Pasoendan region Sukabumi. There are no less than 20 housewives who share their experience while in charge of managing this group [29/3/2010]. According to Coordinator of PPSW Pasoendan, Endang Sri Rahayu [27], through the meeting of Forum Kholifatunnisa, its member learn how to overcome many problems which arise at their neighborhood group and on their cooperation.

The problem of monthly meeting are mostly come from unsupportive husbands and social point of view which happens in almost all women groups and cooperation since patriarchy culture still strongly rooting on the society,” said Endang.

After discussion which involved by housewives, they are also invited to participated on husband-wife training. Joint Forum Women Basis or Forum Gabungan Perempuan Basis “FGPB” hope that this couple training would initiate change of husband’s perspective to be more supportive to wife’s activity. [EN].

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  1. Peran perempuan sering tenggelam dibalik stigma. Senang mendengar ada forum yang memfasilitasi perempuan terutama keluarga TKI untuk bertukar pikiran. sangat membantu sekali. saya kapan waktu bolehkah belajar dari teman2 yang mengelola web ini?

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