Johra Family Complains about Medical Cost


Johra dan istri, saat ditemui oleh Ajat Sudrajat dari Migrant Institute simpul BantenMonday (19/03/12) Ajat Sudrajat, Coordinator of case-handling node of Migrant Institute Banten, visited Johra’s house in Kampung Begor Pasar, Kecamatan Pontang, Banten Province. Johra bin Sueb is a former Indonesian Labor (TKI) who had a stroke and managed to be sent home by TKI community in Saudi Arabia.

After the return of Johra (23/02/12), Suparman, staff of Migrant Workers Resources Ceter (PSD-BM) who handles the case immediately coordinated with Migrant Institute Dompet Dhuafa in Jakarta to prepare assistance as Johra returned to Banten.

When meeting Ajat Sudrajat, Johra’s body seemed stiff. He couldn’t move and talk. Munjinah, Johra’s wife, said that her husband’s body was paralyzed due to the stroke he had in Saudi Arabia.

“Right now our family is working on getting him (Johra) an alternative therapy from a traditional healer in Pontang area,” said Munjinah.

To Munjinah, Ajat Sudrajat said Migrant Institute Team in Jakarta will process Johra’s right to be referred to Sukanto Police Hospital in Jakarta. The hospital is a referral hospital for BMI whose medical bill will be covered by the government.

“Basically, we as a family welcome and allow if someone is willing to help (the cost of) my husband’s recovery, I entrust him to you, and in fact I’m very happy. But if possible, my husband’s treatment is done at home with alternative healing and we hope someone would help with the cost during the treatment.” Said Munjinah.

After conversing for around 15 minutes with Johra family, Ajat Sudrajat left. Currently, Migrant Institute team is coordinating to find the best way to help Johra recover, including processing complaint in BNP2TKI, and the possibility of raising funds for cover the cost of Johra’s treatment.

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