A Migrant Workers from Cilacap Was Reported Died in Singapore



CILACAP– An Indonesian Migrant Worker (BMI) from Dusun Klepusari, Pahonejan village, Majenang district, Cilacap, Central Java, named Siti Marsinah binti Sanwarjo was reported dying because of committing suicide by hanging herself in Singapore. The family told that they had received the news regarding to Siti’s death since two days ago. The early information mentioned that Siti died on Sunday, last week (05/02/12). It was also informed that on Sunday, this week, her body would arrive at her house. “The body of Siti was told to remain in Jakarta,” Sanwarjo, Siti’s father said on Thursday (09/2).

The family said that they did not have any feeling regarding to Siti’s death. Because, since she had been in Singapore, she told her family that she was fine. “We got surprised, why such bad news came suddenly,” said Sanwarja.

The family asked that autopsy be performed to Siti’s body to examine the true cause triggering her death. Therefore, whatever happened, the family would be relieved. Even if it was true that Siti died because of committing suicide, the family would accept that wholeheartedly.

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