Accident at Work: ATKI Taiwan Will Write to the BNP2TKI


Sahudin, BMI ABK di Taiwan yang mengalami kecelakaan kerja kini bersama beberapa pegiat ATKI Taiwan sedang memperjuangkan hak atas asuransi yang pernah ia bayarkan.Sahudin, Indonesian Seaman in Taiwan who had work accident, together with ATKI Taiwan is currently fought for his insurance claim.

According to the law, every Indonesian migrant worker who is officially work and placed by a legal company agent are obliged to be registered at the local insurance protection as stipulated on Article 68 of Law Number 39 of 2004 concerning PPTKILN. This insurance would cover the worker for 2 years with premi IDR 400.000. This payment is basically allocated are as follows: pre placement IDR 50.000, work placement IDR Rp.50.000, and post working protection IDR 300.000. The law stated that once migrant workers got accident, passed away, got sick, dismissed, sexually abused and several other predicaments, family may submit their insurance claim.

If we refer to this regulation, thus what happened to Sahudin, migrant workers who was sent by PT Karlwei Multi Global to work as seaman in Taiwan, should be suits the criteria to submit his insurance claim.

”After we report this issue to the Consortium for Migrants Protection, they say that Sahudin is not registered. They advised us to write a letter to BNP2TKI in Jakarta,” said Atin Safitri, Head of Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia/Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers (ATKI) Taiwan.

Rahardi, staff of PT. Paladin as the representative of consortium only gave advised to us to write BNP2TKI regarding accident which happened to Sahudin. This challenge would not let ATKI Taiwan fears and surrender, but keep going forward and fight for Sahudin’s right to claim his insurance. ATKI Taiwan is currently put their best effort to engage communication with the authority in order to overcome this complex problem.

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