Thousands of Indonesian Migrant Workers Participate on A Focused Discussion in Cilacap


Tuesday, (15/11/2011), Lakpesdam NU Cilacap was visited by Ikatan Warga Muslim Indonesia Taiwan/IWAMUT On Air (Indonesia Taiwan Moslem Society) on the launching of Focused Discussion on Female Migrant Worker’s Empowerment in Adipala District.

On the following event, Misbah (40), one of the IWAMUT ON Air activist, moderated discussion which virtually connected with thousands of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan via cellular network.

“With the use of this kind of technology, this event would also be able to be heard by thousands of Iwamun On Air members, not only in Taiwan, but also in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia,” said Misbah.

“My friend will call me, then I will put my cellular next to the speaker so that it would be able to be heard in Taiwan. Then, members will sporadically connect the network to others. This mechanism requires the use of cellphone credits, so that they would be able to tune in on the network from their own home.” Misbah elucidated.

Through this on air network, Muntamah (34) a female worker from Cilacap who is currently working in Taiwan delivered some points on the discussion. She regrets on the fact that there is still lack of attention from the Government upon migrant’s rights. “I feel like being neglected by my own country and have to took care everything by myself,” said Muntamah.

Muntamah also reported a real case of her own friend, Sri Mulyani who is suffering and ill in Taiwan for almost 3 years and couldn’t be returned back home. She has a serious sore throat and breath through the helps of respirator.

Misbah, is a man from Adipala who have just returned from Taiwan two months ago. He is planning to engage migrant workers empowerment in Adipala through his Iwamun On Air system. Misbah also supports on the efforts from Lakpesdam to empowering and protecting migrants and committed to conduct a cooperation with Lakpesdam for the betterment of Indonesian migrant workers, in particular, for Cilacap region.

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