BHSI: Speak for Investment and Social Awareness through Charity Event


Anggota BHSI saat menyalurkan bantuan di penampungan BMI di kawansan Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Buruh Migran Indonesia Hong Kong Sadar Investasi (BHSI) is a society which concern on promoting investment to Indonesian migrant worker in Hong Kong. While busy on learn about investment, BHSI members also own a high concern on social awareness. Starting from October 2011, every member contribute monthly fee for HK$10. After collected, members donate it to many Indonesian migrant workers shelters in Hong Kong. This fee is not obligated, nonetheless, many of them give higher amount.

On October (13/11/11), BHSI donate to 2 shelters which are Forum Komunikasi Mu’minat Peduli Umat (FKMPU) and Komunitas Migrant Indonesia-Hong Kong (KOMI) at Causway Bay area in Hong Kong.

Bantuan berupa makanan dan bahan pokok dikumpulkan dari anggota BHSI yang menyisihkan dana sosial setiap melakukan pertemuan

“Sharing is a wonderful thing. I hope we could share more in the next day”, said Tcatur Hapsari, a BHSI activist. They tirelessly shop and deliver their donations to the shelters. Shelters is a transit place for migrant workers who are on waiting for court settlement, which urgently need help and donation in order to survive.

What have been done by BHSI was outstanding. They voluntarily willing to share to another, even many of absentee regrets  for didn’t participate on this event.

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  1. Terharu saya membaca cerita ini. Meski sama-sama berjuang mengais dolar di HK, mereka juga tidak melupakan sesama yang sedang tertimpa musibah. Keep going on..

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