Hamidin Fights for Enok’s Insurance Claim


“This is Arab. I think if my wife couldn’t be returned within 2 or 3 months she could have been worst, even disabled. That’s why I really grateful that many people who already put attention to help my wife to go back home with me here in,” said Hamidin.
Sumedang- What Hamidin felt may not be considered as exaggerating. After struggling for so many days, his wife is finally could be returned home. Enok Sutarsih finally go back home in an awful condition after experienced domestic violence while she was working in Arab (Thursday, 22/9).

Many bruises are obviously seen on many parts of Enok body, in particular on her face and hands. Her big family couldn’t hold their tears for any longer, they welcomed Enok with tears and affectionate hugs when she arrived in her beloved homeland in Tomo village, Sumedang. Hamidin couldn’t also be more grateful, as her beloved wife could finally back home to Sumedang.

“I have received a news about my wife’s condition in advance, but still, I couldn’t hold my tears when I witnessed her awful condition then,” said Hamidin.

Notwithstanding the fact that her wife came home in an awful condition, Hamidin still feel grateful that his wife could be returned home. Hamidin is currently fight to get insurance claim for the purpose of his wife’s medication.

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