Indonesian Migrant Workers Celebrate Eid al-Adha in Hong Kong


No less than 70.000 moslems performed Eid Adha prayers in Victoria Park, Causway Bay Hong Kong. Eid al-Adha 1432 this year is falling on Sunday which usually become a day off for Indonesian migrant workers.

Victoria Park turned into white as Eid prayers performed. Many Indonesian migrant workers spotted and tag a place for prayers ever since 7 in the morning and put some plastic pad for their prayers mat then socialize each other.

On 9 o’clock, Victoria Park filled with many pilgrims. Eid Prayers Committee, which mostly are Indonesian migrant workers, assists newcomers to filled some empty spaces and get ready to start the prayers. Cherish and happiness glows on their face, notwithstanding with the fact that they have to celebrate great day far away from their beloved family, gather and meet friends from same country may refresh their stiffed brain and from frustrating domestic works which have become their daily activities.

After performing prayers, there were musical performances from some Indonesian musician such as Snada and Debu which specially invited to on the event. Putri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia) 2011also attend and entertain Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong.

‚ÄúThis is one in a lifetime! We might never see a celebrities again as close as this time.” said several workers while taking portraits of their idols from their camera phone.

Not all Indonesian workers in Hong Kong may enjoy this festive. There are many of them still suffer on lack of rights fulfillment, such as underpay, and once a month day off ans many other issues. Hopefully in the near future, Indonesian migrant workers all across the world may enjoy a simple gift of happiness like a proper day off for themselves as enjoyed by some of them in Hong Kong yesterday.

4 komentar untuk “Indonesian Migrant Workers Celebrate Eid al-Adha in Hong Kong

  1. Pengalaman menarik dan ringan untuk dibagi. Mungkin cerita serupa perlu dituliskan oleh BMI lain agar masyarakat tahu geliat BMI di pelbagai negara.

  2. Sebagian TKI HK juga shalat id di Shatin Park. Sungguh ruang publik yang benar-benar menjadi ruang bagi TKI untuk terus bergerak memperjuangkan hak-haknya. Menarik juga jika fenomena semacam ini bisa hadir di negara-negara seperti Malaysia dan negara timur tengah. WNI bersatu.

  3. Weeeh akhirnya, bisa dapat cerita tentang lebaran kurban di Hong Kong…! Mbak.. apa teman-teman BMI di sana juga berkurban? atau pada kurban di kampung halaman alias transfer ke keluarga?

  4. wah kurang foto-foto shoot nya. ikut seneng mba fera. memang jarang idul adha yang jatuh pada hari minggu ya… mudah2an ke depan, tidak hari minggu pun majikan pada ngasih libur…

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