Are There Any Free Rehabilitation Program for Depressed Migran Workers?


This question suddenly popped in my head. This relates to my work when I was handling Siti Nurkhasanah cases, female migrant workers (TKW) from Pahonjean Village, District Majenang, Cilacap who is depressed after six years working abroad and having her salary unpaid.

Imam Androngi and Mahrur, as Siti’s relatives. ask me whenever it’s possible for Siti to join a rehabilitation program.

“Siti is still often talked to herself, get mad on everything in the house, including to my wife. To be honest, we have no money for Siti Nurkhasanah’s treatment, since I’m just a farmer. I hope government would be able to facilitate a free rehabilitation program for Siti,” said Imam Androngi which agreed by Mahrur, Siti’s uncle.

Siti Nurkhasanah’s parents are passed away, hence Siti now sheltered by his brother, Imam Androngi.

I tried to contact District Government of Cilacap, in particular Dinsosnakertrans (Department of Social Welfare, Manpower and Transmigration) Cilacap to address messages and hopes from Siti’s family. Apparently, only had two related programs of rehabilitation residents affected by mental disorders. First program, namely “Keluarga Tidak Mampu” (KTM), which required certificate of financial hardship of particular citizen, so that government may aid half rehabilitation cost or 50 per cent only.

Second program is called “Pengemis, Gelandangan, dan Orang Terlantar or (PGOT)” (Beggars, Homeless and Displaced Persons) which requires PGOT certification from local authorities and local police. Tnis program will aid 100 per cent of rehabilitation fee. However, Dinsosnaketrans is afraid to entitled Siti with this assistance. since Siti is not qualified on Beggars, Homeless neither Displaced People. Her family is also may not agreed on this proposal. As conveyed by Widi Astuti, Head of Binapenta Dinsosnakertrans Cilacap upon discussion with the Head of Department Dinsosnaketrans, Uong Suparno.

Since local government unable to help, this is challenging for me to initiate assistance for Siti’s rehabilitation. Claims on her insurance is also currently attempted by her family who is also assisted by Migrant Worker Resource Centre (PSDBM) Infest Yogyakarta. If insurance claims successfully achieved, Siti will be granted 20 million IDR upon mental illness claim (bit is noted that her period of work is from 2006 to 2009). Such amount is insufficient to fund rehabilitation of Siti Nurkhasanah until totally healed.

Thus, are there any free rehabilitation program for depressed migran workers from government or any other institutions? I came to an end with no information on this issue.

Akhmad Fadli, Coordinator of the Community Technology Center Mahnettik Cilacap

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  1. Apabila keluarga Mbak Siti masuk dalam golongan keluarga kurang mampu, bukankah seharusnya ada Jamkesmas? mungkin bisa dicoba melalui Jamkesmas dan mohon penanganan di rumah sakit pemerintah terdekat.

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