HIV/AIDS Screening for Migrant Workers in Eastern Lombok


MATARAM – Department of Social and Transmigration, and Employement of East Lombok conducted a strict checking to the arriving migrant workers from Eastern Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. This screening conducted since there is an issue which some returnee are allegedly infected by HIV/AIDS.

Secretary of Department of Social and Transmigration, and Employement of East Lombok , H. Muhammad Lukman said, there are many case of HIV/AIDS on migrant workers since arrival checking system upon migrants arrival were not run simultaneously.

“There should be an examination on their health upon their arrival and departure. But as a matter of fact, such checking was never happening so. Consequently, HIV/AIDS infected rate are grows and suffered by adults also babies in Eastern Lombok”, said Lukman.

According to Lukman, there were some challenges which the team facing, which is to conduct some kind of examination to the migrant workers, which caused by the lack of data of the migrant workers itself. Nevertheless, there are stil, many attempts taken in order to prevent virus dissemination in the region.

One of the strategy is to conduct socialization on village and sub-district phase. Aside of socialization, examination for the residents who wish to go abroad with working visa also executed.  (rakom primadona)

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