Neglected and Paralyzed, Tarti Wishes to Returned Home


Madarjo, suami tarti, menujukkan foto Tarti
Madarjo, Tarti's husband, while showing her photograph

“I’m currently ill and hospitalized. I can only move my hips and above, and the rest are paralyzed. Few days ago staff of Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said that I’ll sent back home, but they don’t give me any news until today. Please help me, I am in dire wish to back home. No one take care of me here,” said Tarti (55 y.o.) via phone.

Tarti’s story is indeed an unfortunate event. Her pledge to earn a living as far as abroad, she ended up swallowing bitter fate. Tarti, a woman from Cibuyut, Cibeunying village, Majenang Cilacap, is currently suffered on backbone tumor and paralyzed. She is waiting to be returned home while being hospitalized in Teungku Ampuan Rahimah Kiang Hospital, Malaysia. Sometimes Kusmiyati, a woman from Surabaya, visits her in the hospital. Kusmiyati is also the one who facilitate communication among Tarti and her family in Indonesia.

“I couldn’t always beside her, since I also work here. I feel pity for her,” said Kusmiyati.

This journey of work is the second one for Tarti. She never expect that this journey could be a bad fortune for her. She went to Malaysia on 2003 to work as housemaid. According to Madarjo (55), Tarti’s husband, a year afterwards she worked in a restaurant. He didn’t know why Tarti didn’t send any amount to her family. But one day in the beginning of 2011, Tarti had ever sent 2 million IDR  to fund a festive of her child. At that day, she was healthy.

“A friend of my wife ever told me that she was extorted by 2 Indonesian  men, if I may recalled, his name was F, from Medan,” said Madarjo.

On the beginning of October 2011, Madarjo was visited by some authority from Police Officer of Majenang and Headman of Cibuyut village. They informed that Tarti currently ill and will be sent back home on October 16, 2011. “But until now, there are no notifications on my wife’s condition. As far as I know, my wife is currently hospitalized in Malaysia,” Madarjo elucidated.

“I hope that my wife could be back home as soon as possible. I also calls for assistance on sending my wife home,” Madarjo concluded.

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