A Letter to My Employer


With all my due respect,
Dear Sir and Madam,
My prudent overlord,

Dear Sir and Madam,
First of all, please forgive me. On this extraordinary occasion, I would like to express some tiny feelings which had always been held in my heart. I wish that I could feel much better by convey them all.

Sir and Madam,
Please accept my highest gratitude that you have chosen me to work at your house, to be there and serve you and do that domestic works which you might don’t wanna hand it all. But it doesn’t matter for me, Sir, Madam, because I have always known that that’s why the reason I came to this house, to help you.

Sir and Madam,
I know that this is all my duties. To clean out all every little corner of this exquisite palace. Polish up things and make it shine beautifully and keep the floor sheen like marble. Because I am just like you are, I do love clean and tidy space. That is why I keep clean them all every single day, even though they are not that dirty. And I do everything wholeheartedly.

Sir and Madam,
I also love it when the floor are shining like a mirror, and that it flawless and we can look ourselves in there. See, every single spaces of this house are clean and tidy. Our toilettes as neat and well-scented as what we see on TV commercials and magazines. Look at them soothes me so.

Dear Sir and Madam,
Don’t you know that I’m starving and thirst? Please feed me with sufficient bread so that I could work properly. Please let me watering my body so that I wouldn’t be dehydrated. Sir, Madam! Don’t you know? I have always being passionate while preparing dishes for your family. Whether it breakfast, lunch and dinner time. I have always devoted my best. Work with my taste, put on best spices and make a perfect food for your appetite.
On all those delicacy, my love and dedications belongs.

Sir and Madam,
I do apologize when sometimes my cooking are not tasty for you. That is not because I don’t love you both anymore. That is also not because I try to betray you. But perhaps sometimes I feel bored and upset that you have always eat them all, or throw the leftover. Sir, Madam, why don’t you just give them to me? Is that bug you so to let me try those delicious food? Why do you only feed me with rice and a bowl of salty water soup? Why Sir? Why Madam?

Sir and Madam,
I really want to be happy with you all, so that I could give my best effort serving you. Madam, sometimes I envy to notice that every time you wake up in the morning, you always head up on your TV or computer even forget to brush your teeth. I also notice that smile always grows on your face, your must be living a beautiful life. Sitting on your couch, having breakfast with an apple and a glass of fresh juice. Lay down, crossing your legs while reading your favorite magazine, I saw you enjoying your time.
Sir, I know that you are tired just like me. Your nerves are stiffed, and your mind drifts. You must also hoping that you could have a day off, or even living a holiday and still being paid. But that must be impossible, doesn’t it? We shall work in order to raise money. You are so lucky to work only 8 hours a day and off on Saturday and Sunday. You must also luckier that me, that you can only work sitting next to computer, no need to work hard. But I do notice that your mind must be exhausted.

That is why, Sir, Madam,
I also need and wanted to have a day off just like you are, calming my mind and soothing my tired muscles. Sir, Madam, please give me break, even if just a day on a week.

Sir, Madam,
Don’t you missed your time cuddling with your children, without me involved. Getting your children close to your hugs. Don’t you see how close them all with me, until they feel like they don’t wanna cuddling you anymore. They say it was no fun with you. Don’t you be brokenhearted to hear your youngest child call me “mama” and refuse to be carried by you. That is all because you were never dedicate your time for him. You were never have time for your children.

Sir, Madam,
That is all my wishes which I express not only for a benefit for myself, but also for a greater good, for us all.

Sir, Madam,
That is all I would like to express, I wish that I could hear your laughs and joy in the near future, And give me only one day adjournment in a week for me to refresh myself. Only one day a week.

Your very devoted maid,

Translated by: Cindy Nur Fitri (The editorial team of migrant workers resource center)

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