Bit Her Own Lips, Enok Tortured


Seems like there is always a reason on doing violence to Indonesian Migrant Worker who work in Saudi Arabia. Enok Sutarsih binti Moh. Radi Suradi (37), a woman from Bantar Gintung village, Sumedang, who worked in Riyadh was experienced domestic violence from her overlord, just because she bite her own lips. 

For the record, Enok was sent to Saudi Arabia by PT. Abul Pratama Jaya which adressed in Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 149, South Jakarta on December 24th 2010. Bandr Al-Musharaf Recruitment, a work placement agency, which adressed in Riyadh, North Exit 5, Al-Morog Area, assigned her to work as housemaid to her employer, Bader Abdul Azis Al-Buri, who lives in al-Riyadh.

This heartbreaking story was told by Enok’s husband, Hamidin (44), who was reached by phone on Saturday (10/09/2011). According to Hamidin, there were always a reason from her employer to tortures her wife, such as damaged on washing machine, gas stove, and many other insignificant matters.

“My wife bit her own lips since she got mouth ulcer, nonetheless she accused flirted on guys. My wife got hit and suffered on serious injury”, Hamidin elucidated. 

Hamidin noticed the predicament as he received calls and texts from Enok who were quietly informing her families in Indonesia about her condition.

“Her employer always threaten her not to report this case to anyone. If her employer caught her in a phone call, she could get severe violence. I am worrying her a lot because I unable to reach her since the last Eid (end of August), her cellphone died and I haven’t receive any news”, said Hamidin.

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