Learning How to Write with Pipiet Senja


TKI Hong Kong Peserta Lokakarya (workshop) Kepenulisan Bersama Pipiet Senja
TKIs in Hong Kong participating in a writing workshop with Pipiet Senja

About 40 Indonesian Migrant Workers (BMI) participated in a writing workshop with Pipiet Senja at Tinhau Art Center of Hong Kong (27/05/12). The program supported by Dompet Dhuafa in Hong Kong and Iqro Magazine started from  14.00 to 17.00 Hong Kong time. Pipiet Senja is a writer having written many books. A friend for BMIs working in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and some other countries where BMIs are placed.

Her visit to Hong Kong this time was not only for having medical treatment but also spreding writing viruses to BMIs. Menulis, menulis, dan menulis (Writing, writing, and writing), this “3M” key was delivered by Pipiet Senja to the whole BMIs attending and listening to the program.

“As a BMI, there are many stories can be written and of course there are many stories of the BMIs when they are in Hong Kong. Thus, tulis, tulis, tulis, (write, write, write)” she persuaded. The writing workshop was also enlivened with the 30 minutes-writing competition which presents had been prepared by the supporters of the program.

Overseas Workers’ IDs (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri (KTKLN)), Soekarno-Hatta Airport, and poems became the sources chosen by Pipiet Senja for their writings and also the writing exercises for the BMIs. Eventually, 3 winners were chosen and they got presents which consisted of Iqro t-shirt and Iqro Magazine of Mei 2012 issue, digital Al-Quran, MP4, and a book entitled “Surat Berdarah untuk Presiden” (Bloody Letters for the President) for the first, second, and third winners. The first and second winners whose writings talked about KTKLN were placed to Dwi and Fera, while Erna Wati, through her own poem, got the third place.

Writing, if we do not start it from now on but keep delaying it, later, next time, and after this; we, therefore, will not be able to compose a writing, so will the BMIs. BMIs must have many stories and if such stories are told through writings, they will be something usefull for their readers. Therefore, let’s start writing from now on with the “virus” of Pipiet Senja!

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