Finding Nining: From Police to Paranormal


Supariyah, orangtua Mustika Ningsih yang telah putus kontak selama 2 tahun dengan anaknya yang menjadi TKI di MalaysiaCILACAP- Family of Mustika Ningsih, an Indonesian migrant from Jenang Subdistrict Majenang, Cilacap, Central Java, is on their wits end. Mustika Ningsih, or so called Nining, has never give any news for almost 2 years and no one knows where she is now. Her family is desperately seeking her ever since her disappearance and even visited a paranormal to in order to get any hints to find Nining.

“We have report this issue to village authority but we haven’t heard any news from them. I also tried to seek helps from a paranormal but, still, I couldn’t find where my daughter is,” said Supariyah, Nining’s mom. Supariyah said that she had tried to call Nining through her cell phone but this number is currently inactive. She also tried to contact Nining’s friend in Malaysia but there are no result.

Nining couldn’t be reached ever since her arrival in Malaysia. While other friends of her who were departing at the same time with Nining already send their families money, Nining has never send anything, even a news. “On the first 4 months, the others were already received money from their migrants family, but we got nothing, not even a single call,” said Nining’s mom.

Nining has a little daughter who she left in Indonesia. Her daughter has always asked for her mother. Supariyah feels awful, but she must stand strong before her only grandchild. Yang membuat semakin trenyuh, Nining meninggalkan satu anak perempuan yang masih balita.

“She (Nining’s daughter) is always asking about where does her mom before she is going to sleep. I don’t know what to say and how to reply her,” Supariyah sobbed.

Supariyah sell vegetables all over the village to earn a living as her husband is only a freelancer who doesn’t work sometimes. Her husband used to work as a farmer or construction man and his earnings couldn’t fund their daily needs

“I hope there will be any parties who put attention on this issue and find my daughter. I desperately want to hear from her soon,” said Supariyah.

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  1. Nah, ini bukti kalau pemerintah juga ndak siap menampung data perpindahan penduduk.. Idealnya, kalau ada calo di desa ya calo itu berurusan dengan surat menyurat di desa.. Bagaimana fakta di lapangan, apakah memang desa juga tidak punya catatan?

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