Meeting Indonesian Famous Artists while Working in Hong Kong


Dok.Fera Nuraini: Group Musik Debu Saat Menghibur BMI Hong KongIt may be true when people say that Hong Kong is an utopis paradise for Indonesian migrant workers. During Sunday’s day off, Indonesian migrants could be possibly finding an amusement, in particular to watch musical concert from Indonesian artist and musicians who entertain migrants through their performance in Hong Kong.

Almost every month, many Indonesian artist and musicians are invited by some sponsors company, which mostly are telecommunications and Indonesian banking, to conduct a performance in Hong Kong to entertain migrants in Hong Kong. Several bands who ever performed before Indonesian migrants in Hong Kong are Ungu, Sheila On 7, Geisha, Wali Band, Merpati Band, Peterpan, Kangen Band, Slank, Kerispatih, Samsons, Anang-Syahrini, and Debu.

“If I were not working in Hong Kong, I would not have been this close with famous artists like this,” this comment is a common thing which I used to hear during concert queue line.

It is true what people saying. If they would have stayed in Indonesia, it would be really hard to get an opportunity to meet people they used to see in the television who are mostly live in big cities – while migrants are mostly live in remote villages.

This kind of concert is refreshment for Indonesian migrants to escape from their routines after tirelessly working for a week. Indonesian migrants could also relieve their homesickness to their beloved nation, in particular when Indonesian Raya anthem usually performed in every beginning of the concerts make them feel like home.

Meeting Indonesian famous makes Hong Kong a migrant’s destination country which is truly one of a kind

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