Depressed, Witri Anggraeni Hospitalized in Banyumas


IlustrasiBANYUMAS. Irwan Jhoni, Headman of Gandatapa Village, Sumbang, Banyumas residence,  on 1 December 2011, made contact with Paguyuban Peduli Buruh Migran dan Perempuan (Migrant and Woman Activists Society) ‘Seruni’, concerning the matter of ex migrant namely Witri Aggraeni (23) who is suffered on depression illness after she return from Malaysia. Her condition even worst as she ever act furious to her family. Witri’s family wishes for help from Seruni to support her rehabilitation phase. Her family couldn’t take her awful condition which calls an urgent medical treatment.

Seruni immediately engage communication and coordination with several institutions such as Lembaga Penelitian Pengembangan Sumber Daya dan Lingkungan Hidup (Environmental and Resources Empowerment Studier Institution) or LPPSLH Purwokerto, Lembaga Konsultasi Kesejahteraan Keluarga (Institution for Family Wealth Consultation) or LK3, and Tim Reaksi Cepat (Fast Reaction Crew) or TRC Satria Baturraden, in order to facilitate medication for Witri in Banyumas Public Hospital which own a mental care facility.

Witri Anggraeni, the beloved child of Minem and Kasidi, was found on awfully depressed condition by Soekarno-Hatta Airport highway officer by the end of 2010. Witri also caught giving money to people she met on the road. No one know why does she depressed. This case also has being reported to Department of Manpower and Transmigration in the Banyumas region.

On 3 December 2011, Seruni visited Witri’s house in RT 01/01 Gandatapa Sumbang, in order to engage coordination with her family. Seruni demands for the support of administrative matters, in particular Public Health Insurance from regional government, as Witri’s family is not a member of governmental public insurance. On Tuesday, 6  December 2011, staff from Banyumas Public Hospital took Witri at her house to be sent to hospital. Her family gracefully thank Seruni for their assistance for her daughter’s medication.

On Saturday, 10 December 2011, Narsidah Sanwi, activist from Seruni, visited Witri at the hospital. Medical staff said that Witri is getting better. She took pills everyday and may be able to manage her temper, now it is easier to communicate with her. Her family alternately took care of her in hospital. Her company agent, PT. Phinisi Purwokerto, also tried to assist her alternative medication, but this attempt was failed to be succeed. (SusWoyo)

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