High Rate of Pay Cuts in Hong Kong


Ilustrasi oleh Alamsyah MuhammadYemi, an Indonesian migrant worker from Blitar has been working in Hong Kong for 6 years. She was only stand for 4 months working on her first employer. She was being dispatch and her contract is being terminated as she suffered on leg ache, and then returned to her company agent.

Yemi received  HK$ 2000, way under standard. Her company agent said she got underpaid as she didn’t have any working abroad experience. She had 6 months pay cut in the amount of HK$ 1800 or equal to IDR 2.115.000. While waiting for her medication, Yemi searched for new employer. After she got a new job, she need to out from Hong Kong while wait for her visa renewal in China.

Even after finding new employer, still, she suffered on underpay as pay cut term had not been done from her first employer, her salary was automatically being cut. Pay cut duration also was being extended from 6 months to 9 months. After 1,5 years working at her second employer, she was again, being terminated because her madam jealous for a good treatment Yemi received from her mister.  Yemi return to her agent before completing her contract. Fortunately she got another employer, just a few days before her visa expired and she will be fully  paid as standard. But again, her salary should be cut for 5 months in the amount of HK$ 3000. Her work is basically easy.

There are only mistress and her only daughter at house. Her master lives in China and rarely back to Hong Kong. Unfortunately Yemi again should be terminated as her employers got divorced and they are no longer need any maid.membutuhkan pekerja lagi. Yemi  back to her agent and find a new employer. She is finally got fully paid and enough day break and it has been 3 years Yemi working for her forth employer. Her new employer treat her very well and also give her extra fund for phone charge.

If we do the math, Yemi has paid IDR 45.000.000 only to pay agent from her very first employer until now with the following details:

First employer: 6 months paycuts  x  HK$1800

Second employer: 3 months paycuts  x  HK$1800

Third employer: 5 months paycuts  x HK$ 3000

Forth Employer : 3 months paycuts x HK$ 3000

Again, our migrant workers always ended as a victim and being used by their company agent. They don’t even being informed of what does their money allocated for. They only know and wish to be employed again soon after their termination.

The high rate of pay cut still being a major problem for Indonesian migrant worker in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the authorities not even care on their matters although this problem has been discussed in many occasions, the result is still a big ZERO.

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  1. Emang taik semua orang2 bermata duitan ntah itu agen atau pemerintahan
    Gw sumpahin hidup lo ancur biar ngerasaain susahnya jdi BMI yg mncari uang demi kebutuhan keluarganya di rumah.

    Harusnya 6x potong gaji itu seumur hidup selama BMI mengabdi di negri orang,,,bukannya di peras setelah interminit..

    Anjjiiink emang semua,,gk punya rasa prikemanusiaan.

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