Local Regulations (Perda) Against Trafficking in Cirebon Have Not Been Legalized for 7 Years


Cirebon – The high rate of Migrant Workers from Cirebon has triggered the Community Anti-Trafficking Network (Jaringan Masyarakat Anti Trafficking (JIMAT)) in Cirebon proposes anti-trafficking regulations since 2004. But, the local regulations utilized as security in local level have not been legalized until now. There are about 127.000 of Cirebon residents working overseas. It is the latest data in 2011. The high number of Cirebon residents earning a living overseas influences the high problems occurring upon TKIs.

“We have to protect all of Cirebon residents who will work as migrant workers, such protection must be optimalized by us started from the local level. One of the protections can be reached through these anti-trafficking regulation“ inserted Alifatul Arifiati, a Female Activist from Fahmina Institute of Cirebon

According to Alif, cases happening to the Indonesian Migrant Workers (BMI) from Cirebon are relatively different, besides any violation done by their masters, receiving none of their salaries, and sexual harassment, many Indonesian Migrant Workers (BMI) from Cirebon do not follow the regulations dealing with the minimum working age.

Alif sampled that a case of Desi in Singapore was one of many cases needing serious treatment. It does not talk about the violation happening to her, but the age falsification making her enable to leave for Singapore.

“Cases on age falsification are often done by the regional government. Such cases can be considered serious since in young ages, workers remain in an unsteady condition and are not ready to encounter any force and also are predisposed to problems. In the anti-trafficking regulations we have proposed, one of the point regulates the issue” explained Alif

The local regulations on anti-trafficking which have not been legalized Cirebon are proofs for the Cirebon Government’s unreadiness to protect their own residents. Alif described, in a hearing occasion with the members of DPRD (Regional House of Representatives) regarding to such local regulations that there was one of the members uttering that Cirebon has not need anti-trafficking regulations yet.

“Sound like have no sympathy for providing such response, there are hundreds even thousands cases taking place to BMIs from Cirebon, from being ill to dead. But they merely answer “have not needed it yet”. Until now, we have not got the clear response upon the legalization of the local regulations on anti-trafficking” stated Alif


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