ex-Migrant Worker Depressed: 6 Years Working, No Salary


Imam Androngi (35) never expect to have his sister, Siti Nurkhasanah (38) who previously known worked in Saudi Arabia, came home in an unusual predicament. When it comes to a talk about her work in Arab, she mumbles, even emotionally in anger whilst mentioning her unkind overlord who was never paid her salaries.

Siti Nurkhasanah lives in Bojong Maros area of Pahonjean village, Majenang, Cilacap Residence. She’s living depression after returning from Saudi Arabia for working.

Imam Androngi noticed that her sister suffers on depression when she returning home on October 1st, 2011. “She acts so different than the way she behave before she got to work (in Arab). Whenever we ask her to have meal, she will get mad. When we curious of her work and how she being treated by her overlord in Arab, she comes to anger and start to talk to herself”, Imam said.

Her salary for almost 6 consecutive years of hard work since 2005 were never being paid by her overlord. “When she could control herself and settled down, then she could tell a bit of her story, that she was never received her salary except once worth a month, before she got back to Indonesia”, Imam continues.

Not only depressed on her unpaid salary, Siti also had to faced the other unfortunate event that she lost her baggage in Soekarno Hatta International Airport. She ended up coming home with her tiny purse containing some documents in it, her praying attire with no clothes except what she wore that day. “Someone took her latest passport”, said Imam. Siti said that someone who alike to nurse took her passport while she was in the airport. She went home handed an expired 2001 passport.

Siti previously went twice to Saudi Arabia for work, and her 6 subsequent years of work may claimed as a successful story. The tragic third journey, conclude her twelve years of experience work at the “Petro Dollar” country.

Upon her arrival in Indonesia, Siti along with some of other migrant worker who arrived at Soekarno Hatta were taken into Kramat Jati Hospital Jakarta. Siti was hospitalized for 10 days before she transferred back to the airport and returned home by airport intercity travel service.

“We only wish that Government would put attention and help my sister. We also wish that her unpaid salaries may be fulfilled, at least according to what listed on her employment contract. The point is that we demand her rights to be fulfilled, also any insurance allowance, if there’s any”, Imam continues.

According to some documents which found on her purse, Siti returning home using exit final issued by Saudi Arabian immigration authority. Aside from her expired passport and exit final visa, an employment contract which valid since November 2005 and medical check up documents also found in her purse. The contract said that her work was sponsored by PT. Amri Margatama Jakarta.

Siti Nurkhasanah story adding the long lasting tragedy of Indonesian who work in Saudi Arabia. (Af)

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  1. Waaaaah apa sudah watak bangsa kita yang mulai kehilangan rsa dan naluri atas sesama. Kok tega-teganya melakukan pemerasan pada saudara yang sedang dalam kondisi semacam itu. Harus ada yang mendamou\ingi itu…

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